AK's Closet Helps Serve Those In Need 

"Ak's Closet is a grass roots organization that accepts donations from the community such as clothes, shoes, baby items, light furniture, food and hygiene products to disseminate throughout the community to those who need them most. We service our at-risk youth, homeless teens and adults, churches, shelters, other community based organizations and their events and families who are in need FREE OF CHARGE! 

If you need clothes, shoes etc please stop by our pop up shop, volunteer opportunities are also available.
How can you donate?

Option 1 Email Us At: 


Option 2 Call Us At: 

Are you hoarding old baby items?
Do you know someone who is hoarding old baby items?
Do you decorate?
Do you make good treats or have access to snacks?
Then you have the power to help out parents who need it!!
Love to volunteer?
Call us @ 702-323-3137
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